10 Escalating DDoS And Web Hacking Trends

Law Enforcement Action Having Impact

Akamai said it saw a decline in activity from a Middle Eastern hacktivist group that targeted U.S. banking websites earlier this year. The group, called Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, is believed to be loosely based in Iran and has targeted dozens of banks with large-scale DDoS attacks. Hundreds of attacks have been traced to the group. Akamai said law enforcement action could have contributed to the decline, but the main source of the decline is not confirmed. Authorities also apparently arrested the alleged cybercriminal behind the popular BlackHole Exploit Kit. So far, there is no conclusive evidence that the automated attack toolkit's use has trended down, Dell SecureWorks researchers told CRN. The kit, which is updated about once a day, hasn't received updates since the arrest announcement.

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