The 10 Biggest Security Stories Of 2013

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6. Cisco's Acquisition Of Sourcefire

Sourcefire founder and CTO Martin Roesch (pictured) will be toasting the new year as he continues to lead the network security appliance vendor's product innovation under the Cisco umbrella. Many security industry observers see Cisco's $2.7 billion acquisition of Sourcefire as a sign that it is modernizing its portfolio to be a network security market leader. The price tag was a premium, say security analysts, but Cisco obtains best-of-breed, time-tested technology.

Sourcefire's intrusion prevention system is based on the popular open-source Snort software created by Roesch. It conducts real-time traffic analysis, sniffing and packet logging. With the market for technologies that address advanced threat detection remaining hot, Cisco is in place to compete against Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software Technologies with capabilities that rival industry newcomer FireEye for advanced threat detection and suspicious file analysis.


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