Startup nCrypted Cloud Adds Secure, Transparent Layer To Dropbox

Levels Of Sensitivity

The system provides five levels of file sensitivity that can be precisely defined and named to meet the needs of an organization. Settings can be edited by owners or administrators, and they can be applied to individual files or to folders. Files placed in a folder with a higher security level automatically inherit the stronger security. "The top secret setting prevents documents from being viewed offline without a corporate PIN," said Stamos. Short of a DRM system, he characterizes nCrypted Cloud as more of a hybrid, using encryption enveloping wrapped in 256-bit container. "Access to data requires a connection to the mother ship," he said, but there are some offline options too. That includes a three-day period during which protected files may be viewed by those authorized. All of these settings can be altered as needed. And for people who leave a company, "their clearance is revoked, but their personal data encryption remains, and they can still revoke clearance they've given others in the corporation."

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