10 Top Challenges For Symantec CEO Steve Bennett

4. Slow O3 Cloud Adoption

Symantec introduced an O3 cloud authentication gateway in 2012, but hasn't seen huge adoption from its customer base, according to industry analysts. The goal is to give businesses single-sign-on capabilities to the cloud-based services their employees are authorized to use. A lot of vendors are coming to the table with lower cost and, in some cases, more robust alternatives, Symantec partners tell CRN. The cloud application control gateway now competes with an emerging group of vendors that specializes in authentication, encryption and file integrity monitoring. The cloud security gateway technology is also more of a self-services model, making selling it a tricky issue, some partners told CRN. The cloud application control gateway market has gotten crowded and some analysts believe it could get a shakeout over the next year or two with some firms going out of business and others being acquired by larger vendors.


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