Eugene Kaspersky: 10 Big Threats Changing Security

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Can Security Vendors 'Save The World?'

Eugene Kaspersky said he's been on a mission "to save the world." The growing sophistication of malware and complexity of attack techniques is putting that goal much further from reach than ever before, Kaspersky said. The Kaspersky Lab CEO joined hundreds of partners at the North American Partner Summit in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, earlier this month.

In his presentation, Kaspersky talked about the growing seriousness of cyberespionage and the specter of cyberwarfare. Malware writers are selling their services, he said, creating a whole new cadre of cybermercenaries to create attacks. Malware designed to cause widespread damage is increasingly becoming a threat, he said. Kaspersky identified the 10 biggest threats impacting cybersecurity.

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