Windows XP Retirement Countdown: 10 Myth-Busting Facts

Enterprises Still Running Windows XP, Analysis Finds

Microsoft is about to retire the venerable Windows XP operating system in less than a week when it releases the final security updates for the platform April 8. The end of life for Windows XP marks a finality to the OS that many consumers and a wide variety of businesses apparently don't want to see come to an end. Softchoice, a managed service provider, found that 40 percent of enterprises have devices running Windows XP. While some security firms may be sounding an alarm about apocalyptic-like attacks targeting the systems after the final updates, security experts say most systems can be operated safely if additional security measures are applied. CRN pulled together some of the latest information from security firms and service providers about the Windows XP install base, and expert advice on ensuring that systems still running past the deadline are protected.

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