10 Ways Hackers Will Get The Best Of You

The First Step In Thwarting Attacks? Being Aware

The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report outlined many of the most commonly used hacking techniques to steal sensitive information. The firm's analysis of specific threat actions observed over time shows a variety of longtime hacking methods that are popular because they consistently pay off. Being aware of the threats impacting you and your business is half the battle, said security experts. Precautionary measures, from using a password manager to avoiding clicking on links or opening unsolicited email attachments, can greatly reduce risk, according to Verizon. Meanwhile, business owners should conduct a risk assessment and address potential weaknesses. In most cases, it takes seconds to compromise a computer, said Christopher Porter, a managing principal at Verizon. CRN provides some top ways the report said hackers can get the best of you.

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