10 Ways Sophos Intends To Disrupt UTM, Endpoint Security Markets

8. Symantec Lacks A Coherent Strategy, Hagerman said

Sophos can take advantage of the Symantec turmoil. Hagerman, formerly an executive vice president at storage and server management vendor Veritas Software, also served from 2005 to 2007 as group president in Symantec's data center management business following the company's acquisition of Veritas. "The combination of Veritas and security hasn't worked, and it has caused enormous complexity and confusion within the company," Hagerman said. "We don't see Symantec as a highly relevant forward-looking player. They are casting about for a strategy that is going to work for them. The company is in disarray," Hagerman added. "The turmoil that has come over the last CEO changes and the secondary effects of entire layers of teams being removed or leaving is shocking to me."


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