Tech 10 Security Products: Advanced Threat Protection

Advancing Advanced Threats Requires Comprehensive Strategy

Far too many businesses deploy technology but lack the processes or skilled IT security professionals to analyze alerts and dial down the white noise to rapidly respond to the most significant threats to the corporate network, say solution providers. Businesses often fail to proactively manage new technology and lack the budgeting for an in-house incident response team to investigate and contain security incidents, said Terry Kurzynski, a senior partner at Halock Security Labs. Kyrzynski said he uses a variety of tools when providing incident response and forensics services to clients and said there are more than two dozen security controls that should be part of a complete strategy against advanced threats. CRN pulled together security vendors from across the spectrum that can detect threats and bolster incident response. These 10 security vendors are gaining traction in the market with a variety of strategies to address advanced threats and aid incident response and digital forensics investigators.

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