10 Significant Threat Findings Revealed At Black Hat 2014

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Hacker Threat Research Plays Role In Shaping Security Market

Threat research presented at Black Hat 2014 and smaller, regional conferences plays a small but significant role in influencing how security vendors shape their product portfolio and feature sets, according to security experts, interviewed at Black Hat 2014.

Security researchers often focus on identifying weaknesses to emerging technology areas and can give the industry an early warning about how attackers will use new services or products to gain access to corporate resources or conduct other dangerous attacks, said Marc Maiffret, a security industry veteran and chief technology officer of security vendor Beyond Trust. These 10 significant pieces of research unveiled at presentations at the 18th annual Black Hat conference this week, could influence security vendor product roadmaps and have a lasting impact on solution providers who sell data protection, threat detection and risk management products and services.

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