10 Warning Signs Cyberattacks Will Escalate

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Organized Cybercriminals Recover Often To Setbacks

Financially motivated cybercriminals who steal account credentials and credit card data haven't had to spend a lot of time investing in sophisticated attack techniques and advanced malware. Instead, they have invested in stronger evasion tactics to avoid detection and increasingly powerful back-end systems that support attack campaigns. The goal is to quickly sort through large volumes of data and get it sold on underground forums for the highest price before authorities are alerted to a breach.

Attacks will continue to escalate, said Brett Stone-Gross, a security researcher in Dell SecureWorks' Counter Threat Unit. The noted threat researcher, who assisted law enforcement in bringing down the GameOver Zeus botnet in June, told CRN that despite recent law-enforcement victories against specific cybercriminal groups, the threat landscape continues to evolve with new and increasingly sophisticated methods. Here are 10 reasons why cybercrime will continue to escalate.

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