Digital Cameras For The YouTube Craze

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The recent release of the Flip Mino is aiming to make video easier to take and upload to the Web. Not everyone can afford to have a camera crew follow them around to customer sites and industry events, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be documented. More and more the urge to be seen and heard on the Web is taking over. The Flip Mino is primarily a video camera that can take some quick snaps. Digital cameras have been taking pictures since their inception but more and more are able to take videos. Check out these cameras that will let you, like YouTube says, broadcast yourself.

Flip Mino by Pure Digital Technologies

The Flip Mino is the latest, ultra portable digital camera to hit the market. Coming in under 4 inches tall and less than 2 inches wide, the Mino fits easily into a shirt pocket. With 2GB of internal memory and 60 minutes of recording time, the Mino makes it easy to get an interview or record the details of an interesting keynote. Power up time takes less than four seconds. Pause, fast forward and rewind buttons make it easy to review video and see if you really are the next Sorcese. Included in the package are USB cables making it easy to connect to your computer and get your work up on the Web in no time. The Flip Mino is priced at $179.

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