CES 2011 Storage Wrap: Hot New SSD, Cloud, SOHO NAS Products

OCZ: Pushing SSD Performance To The Extreme

OCZ, San Jose, Calif., introduced its new SATA 6-Gbps MLC-based Vertex 3 Pro SSDs which were built with new SandForce controller technology that gives them performance of up to 80,000 IOs per second (IOPS) and 550 MBs per second transfer rates for the prosumer and gamer market. OCZ also unveiled the Z-Drive R3 PCI-Express SSD. This SSD is also based on the SandForce controller, but targets Tier-0/1 data applications with its PCIe interface, performance of over 1 GB per second and 135,000 IOPS, and capacity of up to 1.2 TBs.

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