VMworld 2011: Storage Products Take Center Stage

Astute Networks: Flash Memory Appliance Debut

Astute Networks, a San Diego-based startup developer of technology which optimizes Flash memory for accelerating VMware virtualized environments, used VMworld 2011 to introduce its first appliance. The Astute ViSX G3 includes 12 Flash memory modules and Astute's proprietary 10-core DataPump Engine processor for accelerated network performance, virtualized iSCSI capability, Flash performance, and RAID protection. It connects to a Gbit Ethernet or 10-Gbit Ethernet network, and is accessed as an iSCSI device. Multiple units can be deployed, each instantly adding about 80,000 sustained IOPS (I/Os per second) performance. It is available only through two-tier distribution, and provides partners up to 30 points of margin.

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