The 25 Hottest Tech Releases In July

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With interconnectivity services all the rage in the videoconferencing space, Vidyo is taking perhaps the boldest gamble yet: it's making its new cloud-based interconnectivity offering, VidyoWay, available for free.

The idea is that the service will create drag for commercial Vidyo products as well as build a community around Vidyo's conferencing platform in an organic way. "When something is free, it encourages trying it out," Marty Hollander, Vidyo's senior vice president of market development, told CRN. "Say you're a big user of VidyoWay and you do it from a Polycom system. But that says to us, maybe we should offer you a trial. We looked at the economics and if we were to do a pay-per-click marketing campaign, that's an order of magnitude more costly for us."

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