VMworld 2012: Storage Takes Center Stage (Part 2)

VMworld saw the introduction of OCZ Technology's new Intrepid 3 2.5" SATA III SSDs. The new SSDs include features to extend NAND flash life and enhance drive reliability. The Intrepid 3 supports sequential bandwidth of up to 550 MB per second and maximum random I/O performance of up to 120,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). The Intrepid 3 SSD Everest 2 controller features Ndurance 2.0, a suite of endurance and reliability tools designed to extend NAND flash memory life while providing enterprise-class endurance, reliability and data integrity. The Intrepid 3 SSDs will be available in a range of capacities and offer optional power-fail protection, as well as several NAND memory options including MLC, eMLC and SLC.

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