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From an app that sends messages to selected recipients when your phone dies, to an audio recording app to use during meetings, CRN brings our readers the coolest apps of 2013 so far.

Top 10 Best-Selling PCs By Product

According to a March 2013 report by The NPD Group with statistics provided by the Global Technology Distribution Council, here is a "Top 10" breakdown of the best-selling desktops for March.

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Here are the nine things to know about Dell's buyout deal as the July 24 vote looms.

Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Spam Countries Identified

Ousting France, Peru and South Korea, three new countries were added to the Sophos' Dirty Dozen list for relaying billions of spam messages around the world.

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7 Ways The U.S. Dept. Of Veterans Affairs Tackled Its Big Data Big Challenges

The U.S.' second-biggest federal agency is undergoing a major data quality initiative to whip its more than 11 petabytes of data into tip-top shape. Here's a glimpse inside that project, and the key lessons learned along the way.

The 10 Coolest Flash Storage Products Of 2013 (So Far)

From tiny embedded flash storage memory modules to fully-configured all-flash arrays, the storage industry in the first half of 2013 was subjected to a barrage of new hardware and software promising increased performance for mission-critical applications.

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