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Steve Jobs, who announced Wednesday that he is stepping down as CEO of Apple, has been a leading figure in the IT industry since co-founding the company in 1976. Here's what we see as the 12 biggest events that changed the history of Apple - and the world.

15 WAN Optimization Players VARs Should Know

With WAN optimization and acceleration having moved from niche technology play to full on practice for many solution providers, the vendors they partner with become increasingly more important. Here are 15 WAN optimization players, established and emerging, to keep an eye on.

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13 Android Security Attacks To Watch

The openness of the Google Android platform has also enabled cyber criminals to create reams of malware designed to steal information or embarrass the user. Here are a few of the biggest Android attacks.

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CRN offers a chronology of the HP TouchPad, from its rise as a much-hyped potential iPad competitor to its untimely demise just over six months later.

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HP TouchPad And Other Doomed Devices: 10 Mobile Flops And Failures

HP deep-sixed its TouchPad tablet this week, but HP isn't alone, as a host of mobile devices have had their plugs pulled over the years for various reasons. Here we look at 10 mobile device flops and failures.

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VAR500: Accenture's Deal With DOJ; TCS Invests In Singapore

Solution providers Accenture, ACS, TCS, Dimension Data and DLT all made headlines this week.

At The Zoo: ASG Thanks Customers With San Diego Zoo Party

Advanced Systems Group recently treated its customers to a party at the San Diego Zoo, the 15th time it has done so.

10 Sticky Questions For 'The Next Cisco'

On Cisco's most recent earnings call, John Chambers described a move toward what he called "the next Cisco." Here are 10 key questions Cisco's going to have to answer as it looks to bounce back in its fiscal 2012.

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Here is a look at 10 great advances in open-source software in about the last year.

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