10 Must-Have Apps For Cloud Storage

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Microsoft's SkyDrive allows Windows Live users to upload or create files and share them with others on Mac OS, Windows desktop clients and on Android, iOS and other mobile devices, even if they lack a SkyDrive account. SkyDrive's interface is attractive, sleek and simple, and integrates tightly with OneNote documents and Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There's never a worry about compatibility of file formats. SkyDrive also allows documents to be created and edited on a web browser. Files can be accessed offline on any device that has the SkyDrive client installed. SkyDrive is available for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows 8.

Collaborative features allow users to work on projects with multiple users simultaneously. If a user forgets to sync a file and a home PC is left on, users can "fetch" their files. SkyDrive also encrypts file transfers to prevent data loss in transit. The free SkyDrive account includes 7 GB of storage space; an additional 20 GB costs $10 per year; an additional 50 GB costs $25 per year and an additional 100 GB costs $50 per year.

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