Choosing The Right SSD For The Data Center: 5 Top-Notch Picks

Kingston SSD Now E100

Don't let the numbers fool you. Although Kingston's SSD Now series includes 200- and 300-series solid-state drives for businesses and consumers, the company's E100 models are anything but low-end. The E stands for enterprise, and these drives are designed for use in data centers and other continuously operating environments. Kingston rates its SATA 3.0 E100 drives at 500 MB/s for sequential writes and 535 MB/s for sequential reads, which is on par with most other drives in this class. Its reported transaction rate varies by drive size and maxes out at a sustained rate of 59,000 IOPS for random reads and 73,000 for random writes. As for endurance, E100-series drives set aside 20 percent of drive capacity for wear-leveling and are rated at 30,000 P/E cycles over their lifetime. They also are covered by a three-year warranty. They're available in 100-GB, 200-GB and 400-GB capacities.

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