Review: DataHarbor Offers Cloud-Free Secure Backup

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Under the Hood

Under DataHarbor's hood is an Intel Atom-based (D525 1.8GHz processor) system running Microsoft Windows Storage Server Essentials 2008 R2 Standard with 2GB of RAM. For resellers or administrators familiar with Windows Server, this is a huge benefit because there's really no learning curve for first-time installation and use. Just plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse and set up DataHarbor like any other system running Windows Server. After that, it can be remotely administered using standard Microsoft tools and the included Dashboard (more on that later).

This power-sipping processor lets the DataHarbor run quiet and cool as it consumes just 45 watts, on average according to our measurements. Ports include eSATA (up to 3Gb/s), USB 3.0 and 2.0 and Gbit Ethernet. Incidentally, DataHarbor during setup forces long and strong passwords during setup, as would any security appliance worth its salt. Client setup is similarly easy, next.


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