Review: DataHarbor Offers Cloud-Free Secure Backup

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LaunchPad for Mac OS

Administrators may choose to enable and use the guest account for all backup clients, issue individual user accounts, or a combination. Depending on rights and privileges, users can be granted read/write access to a series of pre-shared folders on the Windows Storage Server (WSS) along with Remote Access control through a browser. On a Mac, the file sharing button kicks off an smb connection to shared folder(s). Hitting backup launches Apple's Time Machine app, but to use DataHarbor as a Time Machine backup volume, a compatible folder must be created on the server first, and each Mac user granted access.

For Mac OS X clients (10.5 and higher), there's also a required trip to each machine's Terminal window to tell Time Machine to display unsupported volumes and a need to create and store a sparse bundle in the TimeMachine folder. None of these one-time steps is terribly complex, and they're all extremely well documented in the user manual. Again, the process for Windows clients is more straightforward and meshes fully with all versions of Windows and the Backup and Restore Control Panel and scheduler.

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