Review: DataHarbor Offers Cloud-Free Secure Backup

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Physical Security

Each system includes three physical keys, two of which are encased in mini-USB sticks for off-site storage (the third is built in). Without one of these keys, data restoration is impossible. Period. External keys come with lanyards and labels for easy identification. Each 1U DataHarbor includes rack-mount hardware, rubber feet for desktop installations and metal screw-on feet for vertical applications. Removable 3.5-inch SATA 1TB or 2TB drives come in pairs and are pre-mounted to their caddies and stored safely in padded drive carriers.

For resellers seeking a secure, affforable, turn-key solution that's Windows Server-based, well-documented and bullet-proof and backed by a channel-friendly company, the CRN Test Center recommends DataHarbor from CRU DataPort. List prices start at $1,599 and including 25 client licenses.


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