15 Questions For HP CEO Meg Whitman

When you came in as CEO of HP, what's the biggest surprise you had in terms of the channel?

I had understood value-added resellers because I had been in technology for a long time. I don't think I understood how central the channel partners had been to the growth of HP. I mean, this was a real focus of Bill [Hewlett] and Dave [Packard's] all the way back when this company was built with channel partners. I sort of knew about it at some level, but I don't think I quite understood the volume, the depths of relationships, the second- and third-generation owners of the channel partners who have done business with HP forever. Many, many channel partners have made a lot of money through the years building their business around HP. This is a great story. I happened to be with the president of Mexico not too long ago. And the Mexican ambassador to the United States, his brother owns the largest VAR in Mexico. And it's all HP.


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