15 Questions For HP CEO Meg Whitman

Talk about some of the specific technology opportunities like converged infrastructure, big data.

There's no question that people are beginning to buy not just parts anymore, but a converged solution. Cloud -- there's no question that the way infrastructure is bought is moving to Infrastructure as a Service. I think it's just a matter of time, but every partner will have to figure out how they will play in that business. Big data and analytics. There's no question that this is what most of our end customers want to talk about. I was just here with the City of Anaheim, and you know what they wanted to talk about? Big data and analytics, and how they can service the citizenary of Anaheim better. And then, of course, security, security, security, security. This is a huge topic. A huge topic. And it gets scarier every day. And then, finally, of course, there's mobility. I bet most of our VARs have customers that are going to end up in a choose-your-own-device world. Not bring-your-own device. Not a complete free-for-all. But you marry the device to the workgroup.


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