VMworld 2013: 20 Must-See Storage Offerings (Part 1)

GreenBytes, a Providence, R.I.-based developer of technology for optimizing virtualized storage for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), showcased its vIO virtual storage optimization appliance at VMworld 2013.

GreenBytes' vIO is a virtualized storage optimization appliance version of the company's IO Offload Engine for low-cost, high-performance operation of scalable, full-featured virtual desktops. The vIO utilizes existing infrastructure resources to help enterprises and service providers cost-effectively scale their virtual desktop environments. It installs and scales out in minutes to divert swap and boot traffic away from primary storage to high-speed flash storage.

VIO integrates at the hypervisor level and manages specific data stores, including golden images for provisioning, replica data store for boot, and linked clones for swapping.

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