Review: Zero-Config Storage Arrays from Drobo, Exablox

Testing The Mini

First we installed a pair of 1-TB drives, connected via Thunderbolt to our Test MacBook Pro and let Drobo Dashboard do its thing. Drag-copying a 1-GB file onto the drive took 10.1 seconds. The same operation while also streaming a video file from the Drobo completed in 11.9 seconds and made the video skip a few times while in the process. Then we added Drobo's mSata SSD, an option for accelerating read performance. The same file transferred in 8.9 seconds with just one skip. The added capacity of a third drive was available in about 15 seconds after insertion; same with a fourth. The yank test produced no immediate interruptions to the video stream, but it stopped briefly when we replaced the disk a few minutes later.

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