Joe Tucci: Why The Channel Is 'Absolutely Critical'

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CRN: Is EMC taking market share from NetApp?

TUCCI: My style is, even though it’s not in vogue, I don’t like to trash talk. I said [on the April financial report call], ‘Look guys, if you grow faster than somebody, you’re taking share.’ We grew our midtier, on an apples-to-apples basis—a lot of companies like to use published results, which is fine, because if you buy a company, you can change your results, right? So, by apples-to-apples, you put the company you just bought in both periods, which I think is fair, and then what’s your growth? That’s apples-to-apples growth.

But what happens if, if I buy a $200 million company, I didn’t have it last year, and I have it this year, you’re reporting higher growth. So I said, on an apples-to-apples basis—and of course we didn’t buy anything, so it’s all organic-based [growth]—we grew midtier 26 percent year-on-year. And I think that’s faster than any of the big guys are doing. I know it’s faster than any of the big guys are doing. And therefore, we’re taking share. From everybody. Now obviously a small company can grow faster because of their small base. The second thing I said was that the channel is heavily involved—heavily involved—in over two-thirds of our midtier storage product sales. Over two-thirds. So, is the channel important? Absolutely. Critical.

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