Joe Tucci: Why The Channel Is 'Absolutely Critical'

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CRN: If you were starting a business today, and you're going to be addressing global partners, where would you start?

TUCCI: I would do something around big data. See, I'm convinced that, with the power that the scale-out x86 architecture is giving you at really good prices, and the agility that virtualization and cloud computing is bringing, you can mass enough computer power now to analyze huge amounts of information in real time. Real time. Not build a data warehouse of what happened last week, last month, last year. Real time, what’s happening now.

And to do that, you’ve got to amalgamate three sources of information. You have a tremendous amount in your database in structured format in a company or government agency. There’s massively more information that’s unstructured in your corporation. If you can amalgamate public sources of data, huge amounts of public data, huge amounts of unstructured data, less so amounts of structured data, and then you can use real time and predictive analytics, that is where businesses will get huge competitive advantages and governments will get huge amounts of efficiency, and constituencies of those governments will feel they are getting more services and more value.

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