5 Hot Profit-Driving Plays For VMware Partners

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vCloud Suite

vCloud Suite is the foundation of the VMware software-defined data center. It takes VMware beyond just virtualization into storage and networking. Partners need to make a significant investment to sell vCloud Suite, but those that have taken the plunge said they are driving big profits. The vCloud Suite offering provides partners a total stackable margin incentive of 41 percent with 25 percent to 27 percent bigger deal sizes and $15 of services for every dollar of software sold, according to VMware.

Bob Cagnazzi, CEO of Presidio, a $1.3 billion national solution provider, said he expects Presidio's VMware business to be up least 20 percent this year powered by products such as vCloud Suite. Presidio's VMware business is broadening beyond simple virtualization as customers embrace the software-defined data center, he said.


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