VMware's Chief Architect: Don't Be Scared Of SDN, Be Prepared

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What surprised you most from today's SDN panel with Microsoft and Broadcom?

I honestly think we could have walked onto the panel, and then walked off and didn't say anything, and the primary point still would have been made. And the primary point is that the voices of networking are changing. You've got [Microsoft and VMware], which traditionally haven't seen eye to eye ... and then you've got [those] server software vendors, two of the largest in the world, talking to a server silicon vendor. And the dialogue is the same.

I think it really points to a significant trend when the players shift in this way. For me, that was the primary take-away. So one take-away is just the people on the stage, and just the alignment and the agreement. That alignment is that both Microsoft and [VMware], according to the panel anyway, agree that ... the software players are building more networking functionality. And we totally agree. Before the panel, I was talking to Rajeev [Nagar] from Microsoft, and we were agreeing about everything. There was nothing to disagree about. We know that we are moving in this direction, and it's so significant."


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