VMware's Chief Architect: Don't Be Scared Of SDN, Be Prepared

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What does this shifting supply chain mean for the channel?

I believe the network sale is about to change. And [the channel] is probably the most important piece of the network sale. It's a very important piece. And what that means is that [solution providers] are going to have to start a dialogue -- and some of these are already ongoing -- but the dialogue needs to broaden to not just traditional box vendors but to the software [players], and understanding that.

We already see this starting to happen. But, really, if [solution providers] read this and get one thing to take away, it's 'I should go talk to VMware. I should talk to Microsoft and I should understand what this means to me.' And it just means there are new relationships that need to be formed. It's not some cataclysmic, end-of-the-world event. It's really just a shift in relationships.


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