21 Game-Changing Tips For Success In 2014

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5. Reshape Industries With Game-Changing Technology

Every industry will be completely transformed by the Internet of Everything revolution, said Cisco's Charney. "We are in the middle of this structural transformation, and this structural transformation is going to change everything on our planet. Nothing remains unchanged. Everything gets altered -- communications, retail, health care, government. Everything."

Education, for one, is in the midst of a "seismic upheaval," said Charney. "It is very uncomfortable for those people because they just don't understand that technology is going to change everything about what they do. The classroom is going to be rearchitected. The mechanism by which people learn will be rearchitected. There is a lot of resistance. But let me tell you, they are going to do it. Kicking and screaming, they are going to do it, and the same is true for all of the other sectors of the economy."

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