VMware PEX 2014: Storage Takes Center Stage

Fusion-io: Hi-performance Storage For VDI

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Fusion-io brought its Fusion ioVDI software for VMware View hosted virtual desktop environments into general availability during VMware PEX. Fusion ioVDI software uses the company's server flash acceleration hardware to improve the performance of and add manageable shared storage to persistent VMware View virtual desktop systems. Fusion ioVDI software, priced at $50 per desktop, offers Write Vectoring, which monitors and directs session-based desktop writes uniquely to server-side flash. By limiting shared storage interaction to the small number of writes that persist between login sessions, Write Vectoring preserves the use of VMware value-added features such as vMotion, high availability, disaster recovery and storage resource management that require shared storage while reducing SAN or NAS performance dependencies, the company said.

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