AI PC Week 2023

AI PC Week

The AI revolution may have started in the cloud, but some of the world’s largest IT companies believe it’s coming for the PC too -- and sooner than you think.

For the new AI PC Week series, CRN will explore why major vendors like Microsoft, Intel, HP Inc., Dell Technologies, Lenovo, AMD and others are clamoring for the arrival of so-called “AI PCs” and how new on-device AI acceleration capabilities could spur a new wave in demand for personal computers.

As part of AI PC Week, CRN will provide an overview of what the category’s biggest boosters have said so far about the opportunities and what channel partners should expect over the next year. The series will also feature what vendors believe will be some of the killer apps coming to AI PCs, plus interviews with top vendor executives.

Analysis: 5 Takeaways On The State Of AI PCs And Why Big Channel Vendors Are Excited

In the final piece for AI PC Week, CRN explains the state of AI PCs and why some of the biggest IT vendors in the channel, including Intel, HP Inc. and Lenovo, believe the category is the next big thing, even if many compelling use cases have not yet become fully established.

AMD’s David McAfee On Why AI PCs Are ‘Here To Stay’ And Why ISVs Will Flock To The NPU

In an interview for CRN’s AI PC Week, AMD executive David McAfee talks about why the company believes AI PCs are ‘here to stay’ and why it needed to ship AI PC chips in volume to enable mass-market, AI-enabled computers before many applications are optimized on the chip’s NPU.

Intel: AI PCs Will Appeal To Businesses But Don’t Expect ‘Hockey-Stick’ Growth
In an interview for CRN’s AI PC Week, Intel Chief Commercial Officer Christoph Schell says the refresh opportunity presented by AI PCs will be ‘significant,’ even if adoption doesn’t happen super fast.

Lenovo North America President: Windows 11, AI PCs Create ‘Perfect Storm’ For 2024 Refresh
As part of CRN’s AI PC Week, Lenovo’s new North American president talks about why the rise of AI PCs combined with a need to upgrade to Windows 11 will create a ‘perfect storm’ for a 2024 PC refresh.

Tech Giants Say AI PCs Will Change The Industry As They Hunt For ‘Killer Apps’
While many AI tools and services are easily accessed through desktop applications and powered by cloud infrastructure, major players in the PC ecosystem believe there will be a substantial market in the coming years for PCs that enable AI experiences partially or entirely through the computer’s local processor. CRN dives into the topic for AI PC Week.