Artificial Intelligence

Snowflake’s New CEO: 5 Things To Know From Google To AI
‘There is no better person than Sridhar to lead Snowflake into this next phase of growth and deliver on the opportunity ahead in AI and machine learning,’ says Snowflake’s now former CEO Frank Slootman.

HP Inc. CEO Lores: AI PC Adoption Will Be ‘Gradual’
‘The impact [of AI PCs] in 2024 will be small. … We need to have the PCs and the hardware ready. But more important, we need the applications to be ready. And this is going to take time. So this is why we think the adoption will be gradual,’ says HP President and CEO Enrique Lores.

MongoDB CEO On New AI, LLMs And GenAI Innovation In 2024
MongoDB CEO Dev Ittycheria dives deep into his company’s overall artificial intelligence strategy as well as a partner plan to drive AI momentum in 2024.

Which Side Wins With GenAI: Cybercrime Or Cyberdefense?
Security experts weigh in on the potential use cases for GenAI technology and whether those cases are benefiting security teams or giving an edge to malicious actors.

Analysis: How Nvidia Surpassed Intel In Annual Revenue And Won The AI Crown
A deep-dive analysis into the market dynamics that allowed Nvidia to take the AI crown and surpass Intel in annual revenue. CRN also looks at what the x86 processor giant could do to fight back in a deeply competitive environment.

IBM’s Deep Dive Into AI: CEO Arvind Krishna Touts The ‘Massive’ Enterprise Opportunity For Partners
'The foundation of copilot is having your data in the cloud and being in the cloud – not having your data on a server somewhere,' Nerdio’s Joseph Landes tells CRN.

IBM CEO Krishna To Partners: Let’s ‘Make Lots Of Money Together On AI’
'The foundation of copilot is having your data in the cloud and being in the cloud – not having your data on a server somewhere,' Nerdio’s Joseph Landes tells CRN.

Nerdio CRO Landes: Cloud Is ‘The Foundation’ Of Copilot
'The foundation of copilot is having your data in the cloud and being in the cloud – not having your data on a server somewhere,' Nerdio’s Joseph Landes tells CRN.

Why 10 Top Tech CEOs See AI As One Of 2024's Biggest Opportunities
For CRN’s CEO Outlook 2024, we learn why AI is viewed as one of the largest opportunities by the chief executives of AMD, Intel, Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Google Cloud, HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Vantara, IBM, Lenovo and Vertiv.

Google Cloud CEO On Huge Investments, AI And Challenges In 2024
CEO Thomas Kurian dives into Google Cloud’s biggest market opportunity, investments, partner strategy and toughest challenges facing the company in 2024.

Google’s Thomas Kurian: ‘We’re The Most Open Cloud’ For AI
As Google battles AWS and Microsoft in the AI arms race, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian says his company offers the ‘most open cloud when it comes to AI.’

Microsoft And OpenAI’s 5 Eye-Popping AI Security Findings: Report
‘Our analysis of the current use of LLM technology by threat actors revealed behaviors consistent with attackers using AI as another productivity tool on the offensive landscape,’ says Microsoft in a new AI security report in partnership with OpenAI.

Nerdio Adds Partner Resources, AI To Its Microsoft Cloud Management Suite
A community forum to foster knowledge sharing among partners is among the updates.

AI Growth And Acquisitions Ahead: Fulcrum IT Partners Aims To Hit $2B Sales Target In 2024
‘We want to be on the forefront of bringing actionable AI -- not just AI for the sake of AI -- to the market,’ says Fulcrum IT Partners Chief Strategy Officer Kelly Carter. “We will be a leader there!”

GTDC CEO On AI, Marketplaces And The Future Of Distribution
‘There's been a number of distributors that have created practices in the AI area to help consolidate best practices but also to help build them out,’ says Global Technology Distribution Council CEO Frank Vitagliano.

D&H’s ‘Go Big AI’ Program Makes AI ‘Tangible’ For MSPs
‘Every vendor, every distributor…they're all talking about AI, but partners really struggle to understand how to monetize it. What products are out there? What services do I wrap around it? So we're really trying to demystify the whole opportunity around AI to make it tangible,’ says Jason Bystrak, senior vice president of modern solutions business unit at D&H.

AI Guru Explains 7 Hot AI Customer Use Cases In 2024: Cloudsufi CEO
From sustainability and entertainment to cutting medical costs and boosting students education, here are seven AI use cases customers are clamoring for in 2024, says Google Cloud AI partner Cloudsufi.

Apple Sees ‘Significant Acceleration’ In Mac Sales, Teases ‘Huge Opportunity’ With GenAI
As CEO Tim Cook hypes up the arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro augmented reality headset, the leader indicates on the tech giant’s fourth-quarter earnings call that it has a generative AI plan it’s not yet ready to share.