How To Use Social Media For Business

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Research finds that more than three-quarters of consumers trust recommendations from family, friends, and "influential" persons over all other forms of advertising and marketing. That's why mentioning a product through social media can have such a tremendous impact. Freedhoff, Percy3D director of business development, provides a quick-start guide on how to use social media through social media and effectively and promote a brand.—Jennifer D. Bosavage, editor

Word-of-mouth can strengthen the relationship between consumers and a brand. A great way to build strong consumer advocacy for your brand is through social media.

How To Include Social Media In Business

Following are four ways to create lasting consumer support for a brand through social media:

1. Change the rules of the game through technology.
Innovative technology can bring new and entertaining ways for people to interact. Teach users how to use the tools so the company gets the greatest benefit.

2. Market to a group and create a sense of belonging.
If your friends are on the same band wagon as you, you are more likely to want to be a part of what they are interested in. (Percy 3D’s technology is sharable and entertaining thus your friends will want to be a part of it with you.

3. Let people share something of themselves.
A brand that allows consumers to say something about themselves creates a stronger relationship with the consumer. By bringing the consumer into the content you are creating an unbreakable bond and its marketing magic to have that ability.

4. Encourage fun!
Whenever you can get consumers to invest time into the brand and you adequately reward them then conversation will follow. At Percy 3D, we incorporate entertaining and high performance technology and let the consumer be a part of the message: a winning combination.

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