Vista Still Plaguing Some HP Printers

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Thorny driver support for an operating system? No, this isn't about Linux.

Vince Ferraro, vice president of worldwide marketing for the HP LaserJet Business Unit, is still facing questions about driver compatibility for some devices on Windows Vista:


. . . I'm concerned that I continue to receive comments on this subject, which shows that people are still struggling with some printers.

I apologize for this and I would like to hear from you on any lingering issues that you may be experiencing in your print environment. I continue to believe that hp's Universal Print Driver technology is one of the most significant advances in printer manageability in the last 10 years. It is poised to revolutionize how printer drivers are deployed, managed, and upgraded in an enterprise or managed environment. And there is real money to be saved here is well by deploying UPD.


Months after Vista's launch, Ferraro was fielding complaints like this one:


In trying to support Vista, we did the 3.1 update and replaced our 42504350 drivers, now the property pages crash, can't get in (These are XP BTW). SO we tried to revert, get garbage on PS and although we can print with PCL, the page fault error appears on all HP printers now. We've ripped out the univeral drivers but we're still stuck. These types of quality issues directly related to the types of printers we purchase to put on our printer servers. The error is to common to HP users, the fix has to come soon.


Ferraro notes that HP has released an updated datasheet for HP's Universal Print Driver, and continues to work on fixing problems in the migration of HP imaging and printing devices to Vista.

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