Another IM Solution for Mozilla in the Works

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For the second time in a week, a new Mozilla-focused instant messaging client has stepped up to the plate.

Download Squad reports that developers have begun offering "Instantbird," an IM client built on top of Mozilla that has just hit early beta:


The application is a multi-client chat program letting you connect to popular instant messaging services including AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!. You know, pretty much like Pidgin. In fact, Instantbird uses libpurple, the same code library used by Pidgin.

Version 0.1 is still pretty buggy, Instantbird has a long road in front of it.


But the developers of Instantbird, apparently, are working to add voice and video to the application.

Earlier this week, Meebo released an extension for Mozilla's Firefox that embeds an all-in-one IM client right into a side panel into the web browser and connects to all the major IM services. While Instantbird isn't yet flying high in the sky, Meebo's Firefox software seems to work just fine.

With the open source community and smaller ISVs putting a growing amount of free and client-side software into the pipeline so quickly now, it could serve to raise the bar for companies including AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and even IBM (with its Sametime IM software) on delivering new functionality to stay ahead of the market. Remember, there once was a day when companies could charge a fee to use their IM services.

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