Microsoft On Mac Hiring Binge

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Say what you will about Microsoft, the company often knows when a business opportunity is in front of it. And, judging by some of its hiring plans, it's banking on an interesting growth opportunity.

In the Mac.

In a Q&A with college recruiter Ginny Cheng, posted on the MSDN network, Microsoft development lead Mick Foley notes that "(d)epending on when and how you measure it, Microsoft is either the largest or second largest third party vendors for Mac platform (vs. Adobe)."

Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) his in growth mode, Foley says:


We are definitely in a hiring phase right now. We are about to ship Office 2008 and we are starting to plan for the next version. As we look at the work we want to do and the time that we have to do it, it is clear that we need to expand. In terms of culture, I think that we have a mix of smaller company focus - - being on the Mac makes us somewhat different " but large company resources. We are very much a team culture - - working at the MacBU is very much about working with others: both with those who share your role and across disciplines.


The timing is right.

Apple blew past Wall Street expectations for its most recent quarterly earnings, and some VARs have said pre-orders of its Leopard operating system are doubling pre-orders for Apple's last major OS release, Tiger.

Foley also has some tips if you want to interview for one of the openings at Microsoft's Mac unit including "Get a good night's sleep - - come in fresh and ready to think" and "Be prepared for technical problems - - we do ask them."

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