The Daily App: Locale For Android

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The Daily App, Locale

It seems that smartphones have been living up to their name: helping professionals avoid embarrassment by making them appear smarter and more prepared. Today’s Daily App continues this trend. Locale for Android is a mobile solution that can help people avoid the embarrassment of forgetting to silence a mobile device. This $4.99 artificial intelligence app manages mobile settings based on the device’s location or physical state.

Locale for Android was influenced by Niagara Falls Judge Robert Restaino, who in 2005 arrested 46 people in his courtroom when none of them would admit to being the owner of a ringing cellphone. To help prevent such mobile disruptions, Two Forty Two a.m., a business-geared productivity app developer, created Locale. This app uses patent pending artificial intelligence geofencing algorithms and the Android’s multitasking features, plus Wi-Fi and GPS signals, to adjust the mobile device’s settings.

The first step to setting up Locale is to create “Situations,” which are the locations the device will be made aware of, such as home, work or the gym. Physical states, such as battery percentage or when the phone is face down, can also be used to implement the app. Once each Situation’s list of customizable settings has been set, the app will alert the phone to what it should or should not be doing. Settings options also include changing the wallpaper, turning Wi-Fi on/off, plus setting the ringer volume, screen brightness and ringtones for caller IDs.


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