FAQ: How Do I Get My Company Covered

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There's a single editorial staff for CRN.com and CRN magazine. Each of our editors have specific areas of coverage. Whether you're a solution provider with an interesting case study, or a vendor with a new product, the best way to get on our radar is to find the specific editor covering your type of company. Get to know our site, search out articles about companies like yours, and refer to the editorial beats list in our media kit. Then, e-mail the appropriate editor directly with your news, and be particularly clear on why that news is significant to our solution provider audience. If we're interested, we'll want to talk to your CEO and channel chief, as well as some of your solution provider partners.

Is there a single contact to send press releases to? Can I post my press release on CRN?

No, see above.

What awards does CRN give out? How do I get my executive, (company, product) included in CRN's listings?

See our Directories and Awards FAQ posting.

How can I be included in '100 Coolest...'?

Not all our listings have formal applications - many are editor's choices, based on their coverage of the market. Your best bet is again to follow the steps up in the first paragraph.

Does CRN post bylined submissions from vendor executives?

No. From time to time, we do post viewpoints from solution provider executives. Contact the editor whose beat covers similar companies.

More general advice: For the funniest set of PR Tips I've seen, take a look at this classic post from Barry Ritholtz's Big Picture blog PR Weenies: Go Away!. (But please note, he's not from here.) You may also want to take a look at Information Week's Cory Doctorow, on working with bloggers and editors in general.


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