Have You Hurd?

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We don't know much about the new Hewlett-Packard CEO, but one thing's for sure: He isn't Carly Fiorina.

In case you haven't read the channel angle, here's the take from our avid HP watchers, CRN Industry Editor Craig Zarley and CRN Editor/News Steven Burke.

As they report, HP's new president and CEO Mark Hurd doesn't have a whole lot of obvious experience with the channel. Two things that give me some comfort: First, he DOES have familiarity with the POS market, which is a burgeoning solutions-focused segment with strong affinity for the channel. And, second, he's very operationally focused. My sense is that he'll be able to do the math that makes a strong case for a continuance of HP's channel strategy.

Meanwhile, we'll just wait and see. If you want a more mainstream analysis, this piece from The New York Times provides more insight into this virtual unknown.

And look for additional news updates today from California, where we'll be covering the news conference heralding Hurd's appointment.

What do you think of this development? Make your opinion known by emailing me hclancy@cmp.com.

One final note. The Grokster case may have been getting most of the tech headlines out of the current Supreme Court session, but another case about business practices surrounding cable-modem services could potentially have a bigger impact on CRN's core audience.

At issue in the case is whether or not cable operators should be forced to open up their pipes to independent service providers. The ruling is expected by June.

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