Innovation On Display

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For a cutthroat industry with razor-thin product margins, the LCD space continues to offer dazzing innovations.

The Place Gas Talks writes that Sharp has developed and, according to a press release in Japanese, will have available a two-faced display. The monitor is capable of displaying an innocuous image to those standing on the side, while showing the full desktop image to the user in front of it. The Place Gas Talks has a photo of the display on the blog.

Early wire reports out of Japan on this topic say Sharp is pitching this for use in home TVs, too, suggesting that half of the family could watch one program on one side of the room, and the other could watch another on the opposite side.

Sharp announced other new technology during the INFOCOMM trade show, including 170-degree viewing capability for a 45-inch monitor.

(It's unclear whether Sharp will have a configuration that displays a busy, work-filled screen to your boss while you can have eBay, movies and other time-wasting applications on your user desktop. Now that would be innovation that sells.)

Yet it's not just Sharp that's showing display innovation.

Earlier this year, Brite Computers won honors at the Intel Solution Summit for a 3D display that it designed and built from the ground up. It's not just a display, though. It's a true, stand-out digital signage solution.

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