HP Settles Class Action On Recovery CDs

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HP has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit, after the company was faulted for shipping systems to market without recovery CDs.

According to ComputerSettlement.com, a site that monitored the litigation (Dukes and Dolan vs. Hewlett-Packard, filed in the First Judicial Circuit court of Arkansas, in West Helena, Ark.), anyone seeking relief or compensation has until Sept. 9 to make their claim.

The judge on the case, Judge L.T. Simes II, confirmed that he approved the settlement last week.

Bill Blankmeyer, an IT manager, wrote on his blog that he was involved in the case after buying an HP system a few years ago with nothing that indicated recovery CDs were not included in the box.

Wrote Blankmeyer:

As an IT Manager and heavy computer user, I see hard drives fail constantly. I understand there are problems with longevity of optical media and people misplacing discs, but I cannot understand why the PC manufacturers are getting away from including recovery CDs.

ComputerSettlement.com has posted a list of systems that pertain to the class action.

Even though it agreed to settle the lawsuit against it, HP continues to deny it did anything wrong.

UPDATE: Bill Blankmeyer writes to clarify that his involvement in the case is as a member of the class named in the suit, and that he was not an actual courtroom participant.

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