Where's The Donald?

Update: The case of the disappearing bio piques interest.

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No, not that Donald. This is Donald Ferguson, aka the WebSphere King and latest Microsoft Fellow.

First, IBM airbrushes out his developerWorks web log when it learned of his defection. Now, Ferguson's bio on Microsoft press pass has disappeared.

Poof. Like it was never there.

The link defaults to a list of Microsoft Fellows, and there's nary a Ferguson in sight

Funny huh?

Or maybe just plain suspicious. Many eyebrows raised at the thought of one of IBM's valued "fellows" jumping ship. Especially to Microsoft. It would be like Frodo Baggins joining forces with Sauron. It's pretty hard to get one of those fellows to leave their luxe sandbox. Even at the time inquiring minds wanted to know what kind of non-compete agreement exists between these fellows and the Big Blue mother ship.

Some think there are legal maneuverings now going on behind the scenes. IBM, after all, could blacken the skies with lawyers parachuting in. In fact, the only company that might field MORE lawyers is, well, Microsoft.

One long time Microsoft integrator watching this imbroglio speculated on what, if anything, is behind the disappearing bio: His take? "Might be a non compete, might be second thoughts, might be beta software."


Updated January 30: Donald Ferguson has re-surfaced online up in a new weblog.

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