Apple, Adobe Fix Photoshop 'Tiger Pause' With Leopard

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For more than a year, Apple executives have been telling the market that sales of Intel-based Macintosh systems have not met full potential largely because power users continue to wait on the new Creative Suite from Adobe. Behind the scenes, it appears that progress is being made by both Adobe and Apple to fix performance barriers.

The Creative Suite includes Photoshop. In an Adobe web site forum a few weeks ago, the company's Russell Williams explained how the integration of Photoshop with Apple's Leopard, due out this spring, will overcome an existing barrier to performance in the current "Tiger" version of the Mac OS:

Buffering is disabled by default in CS3 (Creative Suite 3) when running on Tiger because of an OS issue. Every 30 seconds, the OS pauses Photoshop for anywhere from a fraction of a second to several seconds as it manages that giant buffer cache. If you're painting, this is a big problem, and it's why we made the "disable VM buffering" plugin available for CS2. Apple says that issue is fixed in Leopard, but we haven't verified that yet.

The current plan is to enable VM buffering for big RAM machines running Leopard and disable it for Tiger. But we'll provide an "enable VM buffering" plugin to override this on Tiger if you don't mind the Tiger pause (couldn't resist)

Among other things, another forum visitor expressed relief that the next generation of Creative Suite will run on both Leopard and Tiger versions of the Mac OS.

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