Overheard and Overseen This Week

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"Got GroupWise?"—T-shirt logo seen at Brainshare 2007.

"What's that all about?"-- Novell VAR referring to Microsoft's decision to host an Xbox booth at Brainshare.

"This is weird."—Another Novell partner at Brainshare keynote by Microsoft's Craig Mundie.

"Is Oracle the new CA?"—A Microsoft insider posing an interesting—if self-serving—question.

"It's hard to make the case that bad faith is good." open source advocate Bruce Perens speaking at his "Rain on Novell's Parade" event in Salt Lake city referring to the Novell-Microsoft pact.

"Don't worry. I'll google it." — Reporter to Microsoft PR rep on a simple question.

"You mean you'll Live Search it, right?—PR rep's response.

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