Oracle Project X

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Oracle's trying to drum up interest in "Project X" to be unveiled next week at the Collaborate 07 conference.

So far here's the (very little) information in the wild re. Project X.

The peripatetic Charles Phillips will be on hand with all those Oracle apps users in Vegas to "reveal Project X - an important development initiative that has been underway to unify our broad portfolio of applications and help customers close the gap between evolving business needs and IT's ability to execute."


There's another mention of Project X buried in here.

One thing Oracle partners would like to hear more about—and which MIGHT be related to this project is how and when Oracle will blend in the BI goodies it got with Hyperion into its broader portfolio.

Ah, yet another step in Oracle's tricky path to its promised applications fusion, no doubt.

And, on the heels of the delivery of E-business Suite 12, PeopleSoft Enterprise 9, Siebel CRM 8, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 the company still has to ship is JD Edwards World A9.1.

So there's a hint as to other Collaborate news.

Oh! And always eager to counterprogram, Microsoft will be on hand to talk about Microsoft-Oracle coexistence.

Dewey Forrester, director of Microsoft's
Oracle Strategy and Partner Team will host a confab of the Microsoft Technology Consortium of Oracle Users at the Mandalay Bay venue next week.

In this wide, wide world of coopetition, many Oracle apps customers may run on SQL Server databases--and hence on Windows. They may also use SharePoint. But it's also true that the vast bulk of Oracle's new business is going to Linux. So Microsoft has a huge vested interest in keeping this consituency in its orbit.

Time to snarf for more data. Check back in later.

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