Talk About Digital Divide

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Talk of the Digital Divide has been pretty quiet this election season, what with most people with any sort of opinion venting spleen about the offshore outsourcing movement.

That's why this piece from the New York Times a few days ago caught my attention. The group in question, led by Carnegie Mellon University professor Raj Reddy, hopes to create something they call the PCtvt, a wireless device priced at $250. But don't expect to find this thing at Wal-Mart later this year when it is released, as it'll ship first in India.

By the way, just what kind of discount do you think Microsoft offered this systems integrator in order to come up with the $250 pricetag?

Want to know what your peers think about growth? Many of you are picking each others' brains at this week's XChange '04 conference. You can also get a more "official" take by reading the results of a recent CompTIA membership survey. More than 90 percent of the 500 respondents said they expect growth of at least 10 percent, while more than 50 percent pinned their expectations at a higher rate of at least 20 percent. Most of this growth is expected to be organic. By the way, survey respondents said hiring salespeople was their biggest challenge, a finding that jibes with our own John Roberts' take on this topic, published in this week's CRN.

Of course, if you're looking for more regular updates on the sales expectations of fellow solution providers, you can read the monthly poll from CRN. And, if you think you're outgrowing the norm, e-mail me at about applying for the upcoming Fast Growth directory, featuring rising stars in the solution provider channel.

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